16 februari 2022 09:55

Time to take stock?

Recent supply chain disruption and unpredictable demand mean that inventory optimisation has arguably never been more important. Andrey Kazachkov, Head of Warehouse Automation for AMHSA member, First Line Software, takes a look at the benefits of keeping the right amount of stock.

10 februari 2022 10:09

E-Commerce – How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Business

Congratulations! Your business has just taken off or grown to the point where you need to choose a platform to execute your E-Commerce vision. Now is the time to polish up your crystal ball and put it to good use by taking a look three to five years into the future. What’s your vision for the company? What are the expectations from your online business? These “big picture” questions (and more importantly, their answers) are where you really need to begin the search for your ideal E-Commerce platform solution.

7 februari 2022 09:51

First Line Software proud to be named on the top software development companie...

​First Line Software steadily climbs up in rankings at GoodFirms as one of the top Software development companies in Massachusetts.

4 februari 2022 11:46


How does an international software system roll-out work? What part does value chain software play in batch size 1 production? How high are my transaction costs in logistics processes? These and other questions were answered by top-class experts and practitioners including First Line Software at the Software Day of Intralogistics Experts viastore on February 2, 2022 at the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart Germany.

25 januari 2022 10:25

Risky business in WMS

The title of the classic 80’s movie may have caught your attention, and although Tom Cruise’s character in the movie certainly didn’t require a Warehouse Management System, if you’re reading this you might be considering implementing a WMS solution in your own business. This article will highlight six major aspects that can expose you to risky business decisions leading to a compromised WMS launch. It’s not meant to cover every scenario, but the six-point check list is a starting point which you apply to your own unique environment to help mitigate risks in your WMS journey.

16 december 2021 09:03

Mini Interview with the Head of Healthcare Technology Practice

Our mission at First Line Software is to work proactively and collaboratively with our customers - leading academic medical centers, healthcare software vendors, and clinical research organizations on initiatives that enhance and expand different forms of care delivery. Our recent work includes multiple large scale data transformation projects with world-class healthcare institutions, innovative development of clinical research accelerators, and developing a software suite to aid in efforts to stop the spread for COVID-19. Let us introduce the person who drives First Line Software's healthcare practice into the future. So meet Anatoly Postilnik, the head of our Healthcare IT practice.



David Tedford