11 mei 2021 15:16

Should my warehouse be automated?

​With the pandemic causing a swing away from the high street towards online, businesses looking to keep their operations viable during these challenging trading conditions are investing increasingly in an automated warehouse. Andrey Kazachkov, Head of Warehouse Automation at premier custom software development provider First Line Software, reveals what questions you need to ask before taking the plunge.

6 mei 2021 14:55

May 12 Webinar on remote warehouse automation

Join our free webinar 12th of May 2021 at 15:00 CET. How to remotely implement your Warehouse Management Solution

6 mei 2021 12:05

First Line Software’s blockchain introduction

Blockchain is gaining traction in diverse industries, from healthcare to intralogistics, because of its ability to blockchain simplify digital processes and make them more secure. Let’s take a closer look at the role of blockchain in different industries and how First Line Software applies its capabilities to developing impactful blockchain solutions.

2 mei 2021 14:47

May 27 Webinar: New 2021 Standard in Custom Software Deployment

First Line Software is hosting a webinar on May 27th, 2021 to share their experience of how utilising developed Accelerators can immensely benefit custom software solutions in today’s technology environment.

26 april 2021 18:32

Healthcare Digest

The healthcare industry is in the process of rapid adoption of electronic health record systems, but these systems may be an impediment when it comes to data reporting and analysis. The industry is collecting more data than ever before; data is also being used more widely to provide each patient with the best possible quality of care.

28 december 2020 17:38

First Line Software Attends Q4 online Industrial Internet Consortium Meeting

Due to the Covid pandemic, the IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium - www.iiconsortium.org) held its Q4 2020 meeting virtually from Dec 7-10, 2020.



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