27 september 2021 21:44

Is ETL a fancy term for data migration?... Or is it something more?

How do you move from here… to… there? As humans, we can get into or onto a vehicle and go; walking is always an option, before there ever were options like a horse. Animals also travel and more often than not, make their migrations round-trips. But you’ve been tasked by your company to move information from one place to another, specifically to achieve a goal or to complete or initiate a particular task.

20 september 2021 13:48

WMS and more

Big enough to manage, small enough to care. It’s a neat line from a software provider looking to make waves in the warehouse and logistics space. Paul Hamblin reports.

13 september 2021 10:44

World class speaker line-up for Logistics Business Show

The Logistics Business Show – which is being held online from 20th-24th September 2021 – features a strong line-up of expert speakers across its four days. Covering key areas of current interest in the logistics and supply chain across the globe, the 10 free-to-attend speaker sessions aim to enlighten and educate attendees of The Logistics Business Show between visits to the 70+ exhibitors so far signed-up to the virtual exhibition. First Line Software's WMS team will be participating in the roundtable discussion: "Software: Top 10 Buzzwords - What They Mean and How They Grow Your Business" on September 22, 2021 at 15.00 (UK Time).

6 september 2021 14:31

Personalization and Omnichannel in Digital Marketing - What has changed?

Retail trends in omnichannel and personalization emerged in 2020, and due to our “new reality” they have evolved much faster than one might expect. The kind of progress in marketing that usually takes five or six years - was made in just five to six months. Obviously, these “trends” will remain relevant and will influence marketing strategy in 2022 and beyond. Let's take a closer look with First Line Software’s retail practice team at what’s changed and what it all means…

25 augustus 2021 10:35

HIMSS 2021 - A view from our booth…

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) has not stopped innovating and exploring the boundaries of technology in healthcare since its inception 60 years ago. To gauge how provider and payer executives and patients feel about where healthcare is headed and their role in the new normal post-pandemic world, HIMSS gathered insights from over 3,000 stakeholders at its annual conference in Las Vegas in August.

18 augustus 2021 16:49

Digital Marketing – Where it Came from and Where it’s Headed

“Digital Marketing” is a broad term… First Line Software’s Digital Transformation team will show us how to get past abstract concepts to implementing real-world solutions.



David Tedford