New digital service for passengers of S7 Airlines tracks the location of their luggage. Functionality of the service was developed through an agreement with SITA company — a global supplier of IT solutions for aviation.

Global IT company First Line Software has developed a new service on the mobile app of Russian aviation company S7 Airlines, a member airline of the global airline alliance oneworld®. The project was completed by technical experts at the First Line Software development center in St. Petersburg. The new service expands the functionality of the S7 app and lets passengers track their luggage on S7 flights.

S7 mobile app

Program product BagJourney by SITA is the foundation for the service. SITA is a worldwide supplier of IT solutions for airlines and lists Lufthansa, American Airlines, and British Airways among its clients. With this service a passenger can track and analyze data about luggage movements during a flight. This data is marked as checks in the SITA system. And thanks to it a passengers can see the location of their luggage across all major stages of their journey: at check-in, while preparing for departure, loading it on the flight, arriving at the transfer points and at the final destination airport. The service collects data and transforms it into a useful view for the 500,000 users of the S7 mobile app.

Vladimir Litoshenko, head of development First Line Software, said:

“We were pleased to collaborate on the project. S7 Airlines provides useful digital products and services to its passengers. For the development of this luggage tracking solution First Line Software engineers used modern software products and technologies including tools for Big Data analysis.”

Svetlana Kulyukina, head of the passengers’ experience department for S7 Group commented: “S7 Airlines was the first to introduce a luggage tracking service among Russian airline companies. Our passengers often use modern digital services which makes their trips more comfortable.  Now with the mobile app they can see when their bags were inspected and loaded aboard the flight.  We are developing this service which provides real-time tracking for passengers with connecting flights as they follow their baggage from the departure airport to their final destination. I’m sure that passengers will be happy to receive confirmation that their suitcases have been successfully loaded on the flight to their destination.” 

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