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Covid19 pandemic has created an unprecedented situation; it is affecting everyone, our way of life, all communities, and our businesses. On May 14th First Line Software will be hosting a webinar on how technology solutions are ready to take on the healthcare challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis. In our presentation, we will share with you a few examples with the efforts by First Line Software to combat the pandemic and come up with products and solutions that fight it’s easiest and prevent future outbreaks.


Anatoly Postilnik, Head of Healthcare IT Practice First Line Software

Anatoly Postilnik is the Head of the Global Healthcare Practice at First Line Software, where he oversees and brings together company's engagements in Healthcare and Life Sciences under single leadership. Anatoly has more than 30 years of technology, product development, and solutions delivery experience, including over 18 years in the Healthcare Industry.

Target audience: 

Representatives of healthcare institutions, IT developers, Department Heads

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First Line Software EPass web-based application - electronic visitor management and visitor pass software screening people for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their visit to the facility and issuing a pass to enter the facility to work or visit.

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