We have always been enthusiastic about hackathons, both as participants and as organizers. We believe hackathons are a great way to navigate new technology while promoting rapid prototyping and the ‘fail fast’ theory, wherein new ideas are deployed and tested quickly. It is a great way to enhance testing skills. We are always excited when our clients host their own hackathon.

This year our customer hosted a Hackathon event for internal team members. Over 200 business ideas were submitted, out of which 8 were chosen to create and develop their solution ideas. The First Line Software team was honored to take part in this event, work closely with the client representative, author of the idea, and together came up with an innovative solution to a particular business need. Our solution submission was selected as one of the top ideas from the Repeatable Solutions survey.

It took our team only 5 days to develop an idea into a product utilizing modern tech stacks that supports PWA (Progressive Web App.), which impressed the jury on the final presentation. Strong teamwork skills and focusing on real customer needs was our strongest advantage.

It was an exciting experience to be part of such an event and proves once again that First Line Software is a strong team that can work under time pressure with great results and is able to provide outstanding solutions to satisfy any business need.

This hackathon was the perfect opportunity to bring people and products together, and establish a culture of innovation.

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David Tedford