First Line Software is a company that develops software engineering, software enablement, and digital transformation advisory services.

In addition, First Line Software offers a broad spectrum of digital services to its customers including websites, e-commerce platforms, and mobile applications. The company also creates solutions for major industries such as hospital systems, manufacturing companies, and intralogistics providers. 

First Line Software’s similarities with InterSystems' service offerings are clear with the two companies having collaborated for almost 20 years. Recently, they chose to deepen this cooperation by signing a global agreement that provides enhanced benefits to their clients. 

“With this new comprehensive agreement we are not only a partner and reseller but can also contribute as an implementation ally or sub-consultant to InterSystems. There are no longer any restrictions in the collaboration”, explains Marcus Portström, VP of Strategic Alliances at First Line Software. 

Prior to this announcement, First Line Software has always been able to work with partners and customers for Intersystems. However, the new agreement will formalize a certificate of the company's abilities and offerings. 

“For the customer, it does not mean any major change.  But getting this stamp of quality that the in-depth collaboration with InterSystems entails, also gives us a better path into the Nordic market”, says Marcus Portström. 

Intersystems will also benefit from First Line Software's technical expertise and implementation services in various other markets.  This new focus on the Nordic region allows InterSystems and First Line Software to strengthen their joint presence in the Nordic market by creating a powerful team that best serves the customer. 

“Broadening our offerings and increasing customer knowledge about our products in the Nordic market has become even more important as a result of the pandemic.  Among other things, First Line Software works with various standards in clinical research, such as OMOP / CDM and i2b2, which opens up an opportunity for Intersystems to work with new customers. We are very happy about that and we look forward to the in-depth collaboration”, says Johan Nordström, sales manager at Intersystems.

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