Let us introduce the Managing Director of First Line Software in the Czech Republic - Ivo Libal. We asked him some questions about how to arrange teamwork now and how do they spend online working days.

— Ivo, please tell us about a typical day in the life of an employee in the Prague office. In addition, how do you arrange online teamwork now? 

—  The old story: The day in the office was for sure very similar to the office live in each country. In Prague, we used to start between 8 and 10 and finish after about 9 hours. We drank coffee during the day. The coffee breaks were the small brain-storm meetings as well, and we liked them. For lunch, we visited restaurants around our office, or many of us prepare food by themselves. Recently, when the emergency state caused by COVID-19 started, the office life changed, the people's behavior changed, the world changed. Nothing will be the same as before. Neither the business life nor private life. When the virus spread started, we sent all employees to the home office work, to protect them and the office operations of the whole company by separating the entire teams. We divided them by location, but we strengthened their online cooperation. We stay agile, and the company adapts very quickly. So we deliver products or services in the way the client wants and at that time the client needs them.

— What do you like most about your work? Or what's the main reason you've been with us for years?

— I like most the atmosphere in the company, flat management structure, and that the company keeps being agile and flexible even after growth to such a significant amount of people. The main reason for me is that I can be part of the decision-makers of the whole company, where the company does new business, and the software produced by our engineers is used in essential places worldwide.

— What would you like to do this year that you haven't done before? Especially in the context of pandemic conditions?

— This year will be very challenging. The whole company will need to show its agileness and adapt to the new situation. We developed our company's emergency plan and strategies what to do in the near future and it should probably help us not only to save employments but hopefully grow.

Many new opportunities are coming caused by movements in business. Each company will have a chance to take a new part of the market left by less agile competitors. We are still working on the new presales, and I expect that in a short time, FLS will start growing again.


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