Corporate intranet built for global software development and consulting company

First Line Software developed a robust corporate intranet to support staff with company news, information, tools, HR resources, community engagement, and self-service capabilities. The system helps connect staff and management socially which in turn increases job satisfaction and inspires company loyalty. Employees can advance their careers by applying for different roles on new projects announced on the platform.

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Program for the development of an E-Commerce platform for global retail group

First Line Software implemented the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system as a reliable digital marketing technology tool that functions as a central content management hub and makes it possible to share the client’s digital assets with customers to: save and organize photos, videos, illustrations, audio files, documents, design files and presentations. This system allows the client to manage and organize all their digital assets in one place.

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Pass to Work Application

Today’s COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted business processes and made it necessary to introduce new epidemiological safety requirements in any workplace. If you are an employer and need to make sure on a daily that your employees are healthy and not potential carriers of COVID-19, then here is a visitor management solution to implement this new process quickly.

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“Pass to Visit” - Application for Permission to Access a Site

First Line Software developed a new visitor pass software, “Pass to Visit”, that screens visitors for Covid-19 symptoms. The application can easily be modified to ask visitors additional questions such as, “have you had any Covid-19 exposure prior to this visit?”

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Automatisering van opslag op Liebherr-bouwkranenvestiging

First Line Software heeft in samenwerking met het viastore SYSTEMS-team de opslag van de vestiging van het Liebherr-bedrijf dat bouwkranen produceert geautomatiseerd.

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Beeldherkenningsoplossing voor mediabedrijf

Onze klant vroeg onze programmeurs om een online systeem te ontwikkelen dat militair materieel in een foto zou kunnen identificeren en herkennen.

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David Tedford